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The physicians at Medical Associates of Manhattan on Manhattan's Upper East Side are skilled in performing comprehensive annual exams and preventive care for a wide array of risk factors, helping patients from throughout the New York City metro area maintain optimal health at every age.

Annual Exams & Preventative Care

Why do I need to have an annual physical exam?

Your annual physical provides an ongoing record of important health information that can be used to guide treatment and determine your risk for serious diseases and medical issues. Having an exam every year ensures subtle signs that could indicate a disease process are caught early, and it also ensures you receive the health screenings you need for your age and other risk factors. Plus, your physical exam is the ideal time to discuss any health-related concerns you may have, and to learn about immunizations or other treatments that can help ensure you stay as healthy as possible as you get older.

What happens during an annual physical?

Your physical begins with measurements of your weight and your blood pressure, as well as a discussion of any symptoms you may be experiencing. Your heart and lungs will be listened to, and your ears and throat will be visually examined. Your pulse may be taken in your wrists, neck or ankles, and your belly will be gently felt for signs of tenderness or bloating. Other evaluations may also be performed based on your risk factors.

What can I do to get ready for my physical exam?

Be sure to have any blood work or other testing ordered by the office completed prior to your exam, preferably several days ahead of time to ensure the results are available for review during your physical exam. Also be prepared to provide a complete medical history including information about your own health as well as the health of your immediate family members, which may provide important information about potential health risks. You should also have a list of any medications you take on a regular basis, including aspirin and other over-the-counter medicines as well as vitamins and supplements.

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