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Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Medical Associates of Manhattan provides patients from throughout the New York City region with the most advanced treatment options, including FUSE full spectrum endoscopy designed for more accurate results for patients undergoing colonoscopy for colon cancer screening or other disease screening.


What is FUSE?

FUSE stands for full spectrum endoscopy, a novel approach to colonoscopy that uses a special viewing device to provide better visualization of your colon so polyps can be seen more easily, increasing the likelihood small or hard-to-see polyps will be identified.

How does FUSE work?

Unlike regular scopes that have cameras only on the front of the scope, the FUSE scope has cameras mounted on the sides as well, providing a 330-degree view of your colon. A traditional colonoscope provides only a 170-degree view. A recent medical journal found the FUSE system identified 76 percent more polyps compared to a traditional scope, with a far lower risk of “missed” polyps, so patients can feel far more confident in their results.

How is the FUSE procedure performed?

FUSE uses the same surgical technique as a traditional colonoscopy; it's the viewing capability that's changed. During your procedure, you'll be sedated so you'll “sleep” while the colonoscopy is performed. A special flexible scope will be gently inserted through your anus into your rectum and colon, and air will be pumped into the colon to gently inflate it so the lining can be seen more clearly. The scope will be carefully advanced and the special camera lens will transmit images from inside your colon to a viewing monitor. If a polyp is located, it can be removed for further evaluation in a lab. Likewise, if other areas of abnormal tissue are identified, small tissue samples or biopsies can be taken for further analysis. Once the procedure is complete, the scope will be removed and you'll remain in a recovery area for a brief period of time for observation.

Does FUSE cost more than a traditional colonoscopy?

No, insurance coverage is the same, regardless of the type of scope being used.

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